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The Importance of being Transparent with your Recruitment Consultant

Honesty and transparency are two essential factors for getting the right result!

To make the recruitment process operate smoothly for the benefit of all parties involved, there needs to be complete honesty from all participants candidates, prospective employers and, most importantly, recruitment consultants. I’ve detailed in this post the relationship between candidates and the recruitment consultant.




It goes without saying that job seekers must be entirely forthcoming about skills, experience and qualifications.

If you are a candidate, it is imperative that you disclose any previous activity or history with clients that might be discussed by the recruitment consultant. This will allow your consultant to position you in the right way in front of the client and to help you address any development areas. Remember, most recruitment consultants are great career coaches too!

It’s crucial that candidates make consultants aware about current and forthcoming interviews, potential offers, concrete offers and interview feedback.

Transparency enables your consultant to get things moving quickly and assists them when managing client’s expectations. This improves the overall candidate and consultant relationship.

Here are a few advantages;

  • Submitting your CVs with speed and a supporting high-quality personal profile
  • Receiving interviews and feedback quicker
  • Processing offers and contracts of employment

When a client makes you an offer and is keen to get a decision within 24 hours, the consultant knowing you are waiting on other offers, will allow them to manage the client’s expectations and negotiate a reasonable timescale.



Being upfront and direct with both candidates and their clients is a vital ingredient for a long and successful career as a recruitment consultant.

Trust is integral to any consultant’s reputation & credibility in front of candidates and clients. This is a key in building successful relationships and a high-quality network. Candidates will on average move position every 3/4 years, so trust in the relationship means that candidates will revert back to the consultant that placed them originally.

This continuous cycle is only possible within a strong job market.  In the UK we have seen a stable market in the six months post-EU Referendum result and as we approach the UK government invoking article 50, it’s important for all parts of the recruitment process to run seamlessly to get the best results benefiting all involved.


If you would like to have an informal discussion, please contact Candice Goldstein here about the roles we are currently working with.

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