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Digital candidates considering Freelance Vs Permanent

There is a growing desire for candidates wanting to make the transition from permanent to contract employment. Within digital roles there are varied brands/job sectors which regularly desire freelancers, whether it be to cover holiday or an additional head count for a large scale project. Depending on your skill level within your career, are you now looking to change things up and find your preferred industry/brand? Or do you want to expand your portfolio by taking on freelance opportunities? Our Technical and Creative consultants, Sara and Jennifer, split freelance and permanent opportunities due to a growing demand for both areas. So let’s explore the options and pose ourselves a few questions…


Regular income vs. daily rate

  • Sometimes the main hold up for those transitioning from perm to contract roles is simply – what should I charge…?
  • Contracting doesn’t suit everyone, some like the stability of a regular income (especially to pay the mortgage)!
  • Salaries, depending on job function, can be lower than charging a daily rate. But if there’s no consistency does this panic you?!
  • What if contracts go dry for a few weeks? Can you afford to take a freelance role which is paying below what you want usually need?


  • Are you looking to develop your skills and experience? Both freelance and perm paths can offer this, so it’s worth considering it in your next move.
  • Do you want to get involved with all elements of your role? Is that contract only going to be focused around one project area within your team?
  • Are you fine in sticking to your specialty and finishing with the team once your project is complete?
  • Depending on your skill level, which will give you more exposure and widen your portfolio?


  • Can you jump into new brand guidelines with ease?
  • Or do you like the induction week, getting to know the ins and outs of the brand, what their story is and where they’re going?
  • Permanent employees will of course have and need a passion for the brand they will be spending the majority of their day working for.

What are you working on?

  • Projects? Ad-hoc duties?
  • Will your daily activities be project based, or will you be filling in the gaps with a contract?
  • Do you want to be involved in various creative or technical projects?


  •  Week to week or month to month there’s a different office location, depending on where you’re based this can be no issue.
  • Or do you prefer knowing your route and learning which tube doors to get on to ensure a quick exit?

There are pros and cons for both sides of employment, and those who have a great reputation find it easy to pick up contracts with regular clients. On the other hand candidates prefer the stability of permanent employment and developing as part of a team.

Those stepping into the freelance employment never fear! There are always opportunities. You just need to be registered with the right recruiter. Our very own consultant Jennifer Brown has opportunities popping up daily.

If you, on the other hand, love to get to know the ins and outs of a brand, having a voice and developing within a team, we have a vast amount of permanent opportunities across Technical and Creative in which our consultant Sara Hamblin can help you with.

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