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Digital Recruiting – Acquisition or Retention?

By Deepak Saluja, Director of Digital

“Ask any of our clients about their top recruitment challenges for 2016 and their likely answer will be finding good digital talent at the right price in order to develop and retain the best digital teams in the business. Our smart clients (especially the pure play ones) know that they’re only as good as their best workers and will prioritise seeking out the best of the best for their organisations.

This year, counter offers are at the highest levels than the first quarter for 2016 compared to the full year in 2015 , so the main trend circulating digital recruitment is talent retention. Clients have realised their best employees are priceless and want to avoid the acute pain of finding a suitable replacement. So, to keep their employees engaged, clients are not only handing out higher lucrative salaries, but are also offering other great lifestyle benefits to retain their best people. These can range from remote working, flexible hours, fast track progression and investment in their personal future career aspirations (courses, more responsibility, recognition, essentially more ownership, etc). However, there are inevitably times when clients just can’t hold on to their star employee(s), as their motivation to leave might be out of the client’s control. Things such as relocation, clash of personalities with their managers or peers, an immediate promotion in title elsewhere or an exponential rise in salary which fails to be matched or beaten are all obstacles that are very hard to get over. That’s when the Talent Acquisition team and recruitment partners (agencies like us) need to play their part in finding new top talent and relish in this task of bringing a “bar raiser” to the business, so the client doesn’t mourn too long over the loss of yesterday’s heroes.

As technology continues to evolve, it plays an increasingly important role in the way companies approach the talent search and the hiring process. Talent Acquisition has become a “sellers” market and today’s candidates expect a fast & sleek recruitment process. This change is already taking place with a number of our clients introducing digital channels to replace the traditional phone calls with high tech video interviews on Skype or Google Hangouts, saving the hassle of a elongated recruitment process. It’s now all about maximising the candidate experience during the recruitment process and as it’s a candidate driven market in digital, employers and recruiters have to focus on passive candidates and be more proactive in attracting the generation Y & soon to be generation Z candidates. That’s why we at Success are using more innovative tools and methods to extend our reach and candidate engagement in a faster timeframe, making use of cloud based tools so we have “recruitment on the go” and data analytics insights to identify the people who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. These impressive tools use a public footprint to help predict when they might be ready to leave a company and seek a new job. Of course, this needs to be a part of a bigger cocktail of search & selection which includes more traditional methods such as networking and advertising.

Ultimately, acquisition or retention, it’s about having the right talent or recruitment team who are bright, driven, consultative and engaged to ensure backfills/new roles are filled quickly & retention rates remain high.

If you want guidance on retaining talent in your team, or need our assistance in filling new roles, contact Deepak today.


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